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Coral Gables Dentist - Cosmetic Dentistry in Coral Gables, FL

Top Rated Dentist in Coral Gables

If you are looking for a top rated Dentist in Coral Gables? Look no further than Design a Smile! Dr. Romay and his staff have been attending to the dental needs of Coral Gables resident for more than twenty years. Located on the west side of town on Bird Road and 64th Ave., Design a Smile is the ideal dental practice for those looking a full range of dental services from a single provider. As a skilled cosmetic dentist, Dr. Romay has specialized training in many areas ranging from, dental implant to sleep apnea dental appliances and Invisalign.

Much has been said about the importance of dental health. If you have been neglecting your dental health or considering a smile makeover give us a call for a free no obligation consultation. We are confident that after meeting us and doing a little homework you will choose Dr. Romay as your Coral Gables cosmetic dentist.

General & Cosmetic Dentist in Coral Gables.

Although cosmetic dentistry is not a recognized specialty and any dentist can call him or herself a cosmetic dentist rating, reviews, and years in business is something that needs to be taken into consideration.

At Design a Smile, we offer you a combination of high skill dental services, excellent customer service, and payment option to make sure you get the dental care you need and want. So, stop making excuses, and get the dental care you need at Design a Smile! If fear is what keeping away! As Dr. Romay and or his friendly staff about our pain-FREE dental treatment option. Call us today (305) 667-8887.

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Affordable Root Canal Miami

Miami Dentist Explains, The Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment in Miami

Dr. Richard Romay at Design a Smile is an experience Miami Dentist that treats many dental health issues. Over time we found that consumers refer to different dental procedures without having a clear understanding of the procedure itself. One of the most misunderstood dental procedures is the root canal treatment.

A root canal is an advance treatment employed to treat a tooth with a large cavity or injury where the tooth’s root is damaged. As a result of the trauma, the root becomes infected or inflamed. It begins underneath your tooth’s outer enamel and within the dentin is an area of soft tissue called the pulp. The pulp is responsible for carrying the tooth’s nerves, veins, arteries and lymph vessels. Root canals are very small, thin divisions that branch off from the top pulp chamber down to the tip of the root. A tooth has at least one but no more than four canals.

Why do I feel pain?

When the pulp becomes infected due to a deep cavity or fracture that allows bacteria to seep in, or injury due to trauma, it can die. Damaged or dead pulp causes increased blood flow and cellular activity, and pressure cannot be relieved from inside the tooth. As a result, you may experience pain from the damaged tooth when biting down, chewing on it and applying hot or cold foods or drinks.

In these cases, a root canal treatment is necessary because the tooth is not going to heal by itself. Aside from that, the pain usually worsens until one is forced to seek emergency dental treatment. Furthermore, without treatment, the infection will continue to spread, and the bone around the tooth will begin to degenerate, to the point where the tooth may fall out or may have to get extracted.

Once your general dentist performs tests on the tooth and recommends the treatment therapy, he or she can perform the treatment or refer you to an endodontist. Rarely can root canal treatment by done in one visit. On average the treatment usually involves one to three appointments.